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Digitalisation has transformed the advertising industry.  Not only are advertisers now able to target consumers to a far greater extent than was possible with traditional advertising, but they are also able to track and assess the performance of their ads in ways previously unimaginable.

What makes this all possible is the treasure trove of data that we, as consumers, generate with our inexhaustible digital footprints. But does it necessarily mean that the firms with the largest data-sets hold substantial power in advertising markets?

That is a question being studied by policymakers and competition authorities around the world and it’s one on which minds clearly differ.

In this episode we are joined by Catherine Tucker, Professor of Management Science and Marketing at the MIT Sloan School of Management.  Catherine shares her insights from years of empirical research into advertising and the tools and techniques that make it effective.

The diagram depicting the complex digital advertising eco-system to which Catherine refers in the episode can be found here, and if you would like to learn more about Catherine’s research, her publications are on SSRN. Her disclosure statement can be read here.

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