What in the world is blockchain?


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Blockchain is not just bitcoin. It’s a general purpose technology that some say has the potential to revolutionise swathes of the economy, creating a new, more efficient, more secure way to exchange information and value.

But just as was true of the early days of the internet, a real understanding of blockchain technology eludes many of us, making it difficult to think meaningfully about its promise and its pitfalls.

In this episode we are joined by Dr Thibault Schrepel, Assistant Professor at the Utrecht University School of Law. Thibault has made blockchain and its antitrust implications his specialty and in this episode, he walks us through the nuts and bolts of the technology.

Having graduated from Blockchain 101, in the next episode, join Thibault and me in a discussion about why blockchain is causing so much excitement but at the same time is likely to pose challenges for competition law enforcement.

You can also find Thibault on his innovative website, Concurrentialiste, or follow him on Twitter @LeConcurrential.

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