Competition and engineering?


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Why is the United States falling behind global competition standards? What drives Margrethe Vestager in leading the European Commission’s aggressive stance on big tech? Why did the Federal Trade Commission walk away from its Google investigation? And why should agencies focus on solutions to market problems, not just big cases and massive fines?

These are just some of the topics canvassed in this episode on competition institutions in a digital age, with Professor William Kovacic of George Washington University and King’s College London.

Bill has an encyclopedic knowledge of competition systems and agencies around the world and a deep understanding of what shapes and determines their effectiveness. He has published extensively on this subject and is in constant demand for his sage counsel on how to evaluate and improve agency performance.

You can find many of his publications on his SSRN page here.

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Join Caron Beaton-Wells, Professor in Competition Law at the University of Melbourne, to tackle what it means to participate as a competitor, consumer or citizen in a digital economy and society.

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