Consumers as prey for AI?


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The advent of algorithms, machine learning and artificial intelligence have led some to argue that we are living in an age of “mass personalisation”.  While the benefits of these technological advances are largely self-evident, there is a growing chorus of alarm.  Concerns include increased risks of consumer manipulation, discrimination, loss of diversity and ultimately a loss of autonomy or the capacity to choose.

Are we being suckered on a scale never seen before and how should consumer laws and regulation respond?  Are there responses that provide adequate consumer protection while at the same time not stifling the competition and innovation from which we all benefit?

These questions are explored in this episode with Professor Jeannie Paterson of the University of Melbourne Law School. Jeannie is researching the impact of automation and artificial intelligence on consumer choice and decision-making and is the co-convenor of the University’s Digital Citizens Research Network.

If you would like to read her recent think piece on combatting bias and discrimination in AI, you will find it here.

In the episode Jeannie refers to research on consumer attitudes towards data collection and sharing conducted by the Consumer Policy Research Centre.  You can read more about the research here.

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