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An expert panel appointed by the UK government has recently released its report on changes to competition policy to help unlock the opportunities of the digital economy.

One of the co-authors, Professor Philip Marsden, describes it as a “quintessentially British” contribution to the global debate on whether we need adjustments to the law and/or regulation to deal with the competition challenges posed by power in digital markets.

As a former enforcer at the UK Competition and Markets Authority, current Deputy Chairman of the Enforcement Decisions Committee of the Bank of England, Member of the Financial Conduct Authority/PSR Competition Decisions Committee
and Member of the OFGEM Enforcement Decisions Panel, Philip looks at these issues through both practical and academic lenses.  In the episode he shares the key findings and recommendations of the report and explains why he hopes it will provide the cut-through sorely needed in a noisy and polarized discourse.

The report is available here and I also recommend you read Philip’s recent contributions to Competition Policy International:

Who Should Trust-Bust? Hippocrates not Hipsters, 2018

Leave, Remain & Common Ground: Pragmatism in Dealing with Tech Giants, 2019

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